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From Chip Shop to Blue Chip, you will be required by law to have fire extinguishers in accordance with BS5306, and to have them serviced annually. We can supply, install, service and replace a comprehensive range of fire extinguishers to commercial properties.

Fire extinguishers, Engineers are checking fire extinguishers.

Ensure the essential safety for your workplace. PAT Testing is a legal requirement to ensure the electrical appliances in your workplace are up to a safe working standard. In order to protect your business and its employees, you will need to ensure all necessary electrical equipment has been PAT tested.


Ensure the essential safety for your workplace with dry risers, which distributes water to multiple levels of a building, to be used by firefighters in the event of a fire breaking out. Dry risers are one of the main components in a fire suppression system and is a legal requirement for some buildings.

close up of fire sprinkler

Saving lives and protecting your business with a full fire alarm maintenance and installation service offered by Banner Fire. An effective fire alarm system accurately alerts you promptly of a potential fire. This allows you to take charge, contact the emergency services (if required) and direct them to the fire, quickly.


Most commercial buildings or multi-occupancy properties with more than one floor will have at least one Dry Riser. These are invaluable for the fire brigade when fighting fires within buildings. A Dry Riser System will require a maintenance programme in accordance with BS9990, including one major service with pressure test, and one minor service per annum.

Dry Riser Inlet Box for Firefighters

Fire & Safety Signs

Banner Fire provides top quality signs covering all aspects of health and fire safety. We are official distributors for Everlux, market leaders in the supply of fire and safety signs.


We can supply and install a range of suitable emergency lighting at your commercial property. Our fully qualified team of fire safety specialists evaluate the size and nature of your business to determine the best solution suited to you.

emergency exit sign illuminated on the ceiling

Fire Risk Assessments

We offer full fire safety awareness training. Please contact us for more information.

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