Emergency Lighting

Directing Your Premises to Safety

Banner Fire and Security are on hand to supply and maintain your emergency lighting at extremely competitive rates. We can supply, install, service and replace a comprehensive range of emergency lighting to all sizes and types of premises from small shops to large factories and office blocks.


Emergency Lighting Installation

Emergency lighting shows the clear escape routes from a building and the location of fire safety equipment, in the event of a fire. When installed and followed correctly, emergency lighting allows for safe movement and can effectively direct individuals to safety.

At Banner Fire & Security Ltd, we can supply and install a range of suitable emergency lighting at your commercial property. Our fully qualified team of fire safety specialists evaluate the size and nature of your business to determine the best solution suited to you.

Our range of emergency lighting includes:

  • Escape route lighting
  • Open area lighting
  • High-risk task area lighting
  • Standby lighting

The main two types of emergency lights are maintained and non-maintained. Maintained lighting can be left on permanently, or can be controlled with a switch. However, non-maintained lighting only operates when there is a power cut. Most emergency lights operate with a battery and usually charge through its own power supply.

Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Emergency lighting regulations state that systems require consistent testing by a professional to ensure they meet all safety requirements and standards. At Banner Fire, we provide a remote monitoring service for emergency lighting when required.

Emergency lighting should be checked on a regular basis, with function tests taking place each month to check that the lighting illuminates sufficiently, by creating a temporary mains power failure. 

Full and thorough emergency lighting testing should be undertaken around once a year which checks all lighting systems are fully functioning and that batteries are still recharging the emergency lighting. These tests should be carried out when no one else is in the building, with the results of each test recorded along with any faults which need fixing. This test typically takes around three hours.

Testing can be done by any responsible professional for the general fire safety of the building. However, most fire protection consultants can carry out annual testing whilst testing your fire alarm system.

The Legal Requirements for Emergency Lighting

According to British Safety Standards, the emergency lighting regulations need to be installed in offices, shops, schools, hotels, common areas and public areas, such as pubs, clubs and restaurants. With areas that have a particularly higher risk, there should be a greater level of emergency lighting.

All emergency lighting systems should be regularly tested and properly maintained to an appropriate standard.

According to the Fire Safety Reform Order 2005, all commercial premises must legally have a designated responsible person who handles the fire safety of the building. This appointed professional must take all appropriate steps to ensure the safety of those inside the premises by having all relevant fire safety services in place.

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