Fire Extinguishers

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Banner Fire and Security is on hand to supply and maintain your fire extinguishers at extremely competitive rates. We can supply, install, service and replace a comprehensive range of fire extinguishers to commercial properties.

If you’re interested in fire extinguisher installation or fire extinguisher servicing, we’d be happy to help.


Fire Extinguisher Installation

At Banner Fire & Security Ltd, we can supply and install a variety of extinguishers at your commercial property. Our fully qualified team of fire extinguisher specialists evaluate the size and nature of your business to determine the best solution suited to you.

Our range includes:

  • Water-Fire Extinguishers
  • CO2 Fire Extinguishers
  • Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers
  • Stainless Steel Fire Extinguishers
  • Foam Fire Extinguishers
  • Powder Fire Extinguishers
  • Automatic Fire Extinguish

After installation, it’s recommended you won’t need to replace them for another five years. CO2 extinguishers will last much longer and should be replaced every ten years.


Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Fire extinguishers must be serviced after installation, not before. This is due to the possibility of problems arising with the fire extinguishers shortly after they have been installed. This is why it is crucial to have a fire safety company install and service your fire extinguishers instead of doing it yourself.

During servicing, we analyse the following:

  • Is the fire extinguisher in good condition?
  • Has it been tampered with?
  • Is the hose in good condition?
  • Is the pin in good working order?
  • Are there instructions visibly present?
  • Is the extinguisher in date?

If your fire extinguishers fail the above requirements, you’ll be required by law to have them replaced.

The Legal Requirements for Fire Extinguishers

As part of The Regulatory Reform Order 2005, all commercial premises, however big or small, will be required by law to have fire extinguishers in accordance with BS5306. As a business owner, this will be your responsibility to ensure.

Annual Servicing

Legal requirements for fire extinguishers in the workplace include having them serviced annually by someone with relevant BAFE qualifications. This is to regularly ensure your extinguishers remain in good working order should they be needed. 

Fire Extinguisher Fitting

To comply with fire extinguisher regulations, all fire extinguishers should be easily accessible within 30 metres of any given area of your business. You must have a minimum of two extinguishers in each area of your business premises, with fire extinguishers on each and every level of the building.

To ensure your fire extinguishers are secure, they should either be fixed to the wall or attached to a stand.


The average fire extinguisher lasts between five and ten years. If you’re fire extinguisher(s) last more than this period, then you should make sure it is replaced after no more than 20 years.

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