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A full fire alarm maintenance and installation service are offered by Banner Fire. We serve all sizes and types of premises from small shops to large factories and office blocks, also providing a remote monitoring service when required. 

Fire safety should never be compromised. An effective fire alarm system accurately alerts you promptly of a potential fire. This allows you to take charge, contact the emergency services (if required) and direct them to the fire, quickly. Fire alarms are designed to speed up reaction when discovering a fire. When it comes to fire safety, even several seconds can make a tremendous difference to the outcome following a fire.

If you’re interested in fire alarm installation or fire alarm testing, we’d be happy to help.


Fire Alarm Installation

Banner Fire & Security install fire alarm systems to any commercial or domestic building. We understand the importance of preparing when thinking about fire prevention, which is why our expertly trained team are fully qualified in installing any fire alarm system.

With different varieties of fire alarm systems, using a qualified fire safety professional is highly recommended in ensuring that the most effective fire alarms are installed in the correct places. There are primarily four varieties of fire alarms, including ionisation (typically the most commonly used alarm which detects smoke), optical, heat (generally installed in kitchens) and combined fire alarms.

Fire Alarm Testing

Fire alarm maintenance should be a leading priority with fire safety. Having fire alarms installed in a building is crucial, however, having them maintained should be a regular routine.

Maintaining a fire alarm is about routinely testing them to ensure they are complying with BS standards. For fire alarm systems, you’ll need to have them checked to ensure that each alarm is connected to the overall fire alarm system.

Fire alarms need replacing every ten years but should be tested at least every six months. Depending on your premises, this might need to be more frequently instead, on a quarterly basis.

Fire Alarm Legal Requirements

For businesses, fire alarm testing regulations explain that all business premises must have the appropriate fire detection systems. Businesses will usually need a more substantial fire detection system than residential and domestic properties.

The legal requirements for fire alarms state that they must be adequately maintained. According to BS 5839, this should be every six months.

As per the Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Regulations, landlords or letting agents are legally required to test all fire alarms in a rental property at the very beginning of a tenancy agreement, which is usually on the first day before the tenant(s) move in. Within rental properties, smoke alarms are needed on each level of the property. Tenants are then responsible for testing their fire alarms to ensure they are in working order, which is recommended to do every month. If a tenant finds that their fire alarms are not working, they are also responsible for replacing the batteries as per their contract agreement.

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